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The journey began on the Somerset coast at Minehead culminating in ECHO - Portrait of a Seaside Town (2010) travelled to Watchet, Portrait of a Harbour Town (2012) then Burnham-on-Sea, Portrait of a Coastal Town (2013).

Revealing and touching... a living time capsule, sealing within it a true and treasured portrait of a seaside town captured for generations to come.
Western Daily Press

In Watchet we imported 2 shipping containers onto the quayside, converting them into an evocative world of light, image and sound to create a voyage of discovery in which the story of the town and its people unfolded and aspirations for its future were revealed. if someone had taken a slice through Watchet, end to end, revealing some of its' lesser known beauty... it expressed the very essence of Watchet at its most gritty and charming.
Exmoor Magazine

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