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Annual residential 'laboratory' led by Theatre Mélange with guest directors:
Piotr Borowski, Poland; Doina Migleczi, Romania; Philippe Le Moine, Philippe Cherbonnier, France; Paul Allain, Najma Akhtar, UK; Your-Ri Yamanaka, Japan.

Run in association with University of Kent at Canterbury in the UK also Intercult in Stockholm; SKAMPA International Festival in Albania.

I loved the intensity of the course... there was a feeling of complete freedom of expression, every moment of the week was spent exploring new ideas and not just in the acting field - truly "Crossing Borders."
Nwando Ebizie - student performer

TRANSMISSION 2007 - 2008

INTERREG award Anglo/French professional exchange programme with Ches Penses Vertes in Amiens.

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